This is a baby post so I'll keep it brief.  It's a new year and a new semester! Most importantly.. MY LAST SEMESTER OF COLLEGE! (at least until I decide to get my Master's Degree)

I'm so thrilled... Anyways.. just came back from California last week, got a whole bucket of drama that I'm processing from that (what else is new from Hollywood).. but the most important thing is that I'm back on the horse and working on re-dedicating to some of my goals.  I got some fresh ideas for this blog, even if it doesn't really go anywhere - I don't really care - I'm more concerned with the following goals this year: Balance, authenticity to myself, and emancipation from the past.

I'm excited to be letting go of a lot of old baggage.  Of course, I digress - It is never f**g easy - but I started by doing some of these things already.

1. Deleted every single ex-guy (except the 3 that are my close friends ) and dead end friend off of my phone and Outlook.

2. Starting to dump old emails in a mass exodus...yes... even the sentimental ones from people. (3,583 more to go)

3. Deleting old pictures from past relationships... time to clear the house on those - I seriously doubt I'm ever going to have use for old kissy face pix lol 

4. Taking an inventory of personal debts and working out a plan to pay them off when I'm flush again... really I had a plan for this back in November.. but then some stuff happened with work  - but that's another blog.

Basically my idea is this... I don't want to owe anything to noone! Not a penny, not a cent, not a memory, not a favor - nothing.  I really just want to be free from the past, I don't want to feel like anyone has anything to hold over my head or vice-versa.

Old angers, old upsets...heartbreaks - I'm just forgiving them in my balance book, accepting them as losses, with no intention on looking back unless I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO - of course in some cases this is easier said than done... but I'm tired of carrying the load, I have my own life and drama.

But these are all good happy things, I guess it comes with age and growing maturity, after awhile - Its okay to be selfish.  So.. Off to school to feed my short attention span with more knowledge =)

Bienvenidos! Hola! Orale! Welcome

Welcome to the rantings and ravings of a twenty-something Latina who just happens to have ADHD , enjoys the luxuries of working class life in urbania, and believes strongly that women (and men) need to stop using body size as an excuse not to live their for being a minority.... well I like it spicy and mixed.

At this blog, I rep the West Coast ::insert gang sign here:: while moonlighting as an East Coaster.
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