Time's A Wastin: A Dialogue on Un-fertilized Eggs in Your Late Twenties

Posted by Gordita In The City Thursday, October 20, 2011

Soccer Mom: (looking at the ring on my left hand) How long have you been engaged for?
Me: I'm single
Soccer Mom: (looking at her kid, then me) That's why you're still single...maybe trim down a bit sweetie, Time's a wastin' -
Me: Well I figure having both a child and husband is kind of redundant.
Soccer Mom: Excuse me?
Me: I'm assuming those wrinkles don't come from your amazing sex life... (walking away)

Let me get this straight lady:

1. My single state can be fixed by adjusting my body size
2. My inherent reproductive value is waning due to age
3. Single is a state to be remedied immediately
4. It's socially acceptable to project your moral judgment on a person based,on an arbitrary choice of jewelry placement

My opinion on the matter is very simple.

1. Men leave and cheat on women as beautiful and thin as Halle Berry ALL the time... Fixing my body size might make me more "conventionally" attractive, but it won't guarantee me my choice in human pair bonding and mate selection.

2. Yep...women have a shelf-life and as I have argued with my gay male friends, the world is relatively unfair because unlike them, I become a genetic dead end after my menopausal expiration date. However...thanks to science, I can now cryogenically freeze my prime 20-something eggs for the right price and implant them into myself or a surrogate.

3. I'd rather wait for my soul mate than a cell mate. Even though I have not managed to find a boyfriend or other symbol of non-singleness. Unlike some girls that I have known who filter through an endless line of muck without a break, I probably have a better chance of finding a person I will last with for the long-term because I choose to not jump on every "speeding train" out of desperation.

4. It's called a ring finger for a reason...you wear rings on it! In my case, I purchased a fabulous sapphire / diamond art deco filigree ring from the 20's that wear on my left hand. Yes, that side is loaded with meaning. No, I'm not trying to show off...maybe it just fits better there!

I'm not even old, but the slew of baby imagery, nudges, and backhanded comments from more established members of society can take its toll. Like most women, I would LOVE to have a family...just like I would LOVE to own a Porsche, LOVE to have an affluent footing in the world, and LOVE to tour the great museums of Europe. Some aspirations are more realistic than others. In my case, some choices affect the others to the point where..shit happens.

How do I like my eggs in the morning? Preferably unfertilized since I would like to go to Europe, start my career, follow my dreams, and have a solid chance at finding a cool person to spend time with. I'm willing to make some sacrifices to make sure my life has quality to it.

The encounter brings up all sorts of ethical questions. Like what makes a family? If I don't meet a man by my early thirties...will I adopt or artificially inseminate? SHould I declare myself a rebel against the system, display altruism, and ameliorate overpopulation by subverting my selfish needs to pass on my prime DNA to potential offspring by adopting?

All I can say is....it's a big scary world out there...that's the problem with options...it brings up more questions and widens the net.


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