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Posted by Gordita In The City Monday, April 16, 2012

The Complicated Social World of Mo

I mention a lot of people and my stories are often easy to get confused (cause they can be that weird). So, if I ever reference them in a blog post, you can consult this to get a better idea of who they are and what they mean to my life.

Close friends (in order of Seniority ...not rank)


Val: My best friend of 17+ years. We used to live next door to each other, she loves re-telling embarrassing stories from my childhood, and I'm an unofficial member of her family (I'd have to marry her single brother to make it really legit). She is my rock and very much a sister to me.She has a beautiful daughter that we call Mickey who is my adoptive niece.

Dora the Explorer: Val's Older sister....When we were growing up I got on her nerves, she got on mine ... now I love her to death and can't see a life without her. 

Steph: Val's little sis... she's pretty much adopted as my kid sister... I've been around the brat since she was 2 , now she's almost legal to party. 

Mc-Sexy: Our parent’s dated and she could have been my was pretty weird.  We agree 7 times out of 10 that boys can be lame. She is definitely my most "coconut" friend, she is probably one of the few friends I have that will never complain about a experience I take her to.

Blondie aka Gangsta' Bitch: Back in the day she was my party-girl “Road dog” that was almost as crazy as me. On more than one occasion we have left a party laughing our asses off after a brawl (she's just gangsta like that) or stumbled around in our heels after  a good time. I'm also really good friends with her sister Mal and hang with her cousins The 18th Street Crew.

Sherpa: Watch out... she's good with her hands (Massage Therapist) and gives Mae-West a run for her money on Chi-Chis... met her through Rubik's Cube and its been love ever since (depends on the day and if she has eaten or not). In the best ways possible, we always bump heads and we trade clothes.  Always the one to throw the party...and be over-prepared... which usually saves our asses.

Switzerland: At one time.. I actually hated her since my ex Rubik's Cube liked her more than me (they knew each other in high school). Turned out she was pseudo-soul-matey and pretty rad. She reminds me of the pretty Ballerina Ostrich from Fantasia because of her ridiculously long-eyelashes and hips. I call her Switzerland since she stays neutral in EVERY dispute I ever have with Sherpa or anyone else.

Purple-Love:  She's my usually single road dog who see's my mom more than I do. We were in theater together and then went on a rampage going to every Rockabilly event under the sun which resulted in some interesting and funny anecdotes


Kat - My Czech hairstylist, buddy, Girl's Night extraordinaire.  She was my first friend in Boston and actually approached me because she was trying to hook me up with her friend while telling me I needed to fix my style =).  We have been into way too much trouble for our own the best way possible. 

G - I met her in my "Living Art in Real Spaces Class" at Emerson back in 2011. When we first hung out alone...I seriously thought she was hitting on me..turns out I was wrong. We've been practically inseparable ever since and we ALWAYS love nothing more than to hang out with our good friend Wanda.

Lalo - My neighbor, only Mexican friend in Boston, favorite waiter, enabler, fellow art-fart, and surrogate boyfriend on those cold winter nights.  The hallmark of our friendship involves "accountability circle" (it's not what you think!). 

The Men in My Life:

Yes.... a few of these guys are technically my exes, we went out briefly, or developed a special attachment
Yes...Unless noted...I have amicable and non-awkward platonic relationships with them
No... they are not gay
No...they are not surrogate boyfriends, "special" buddies, or my "backups"

Guillermo: My ex-best guy friend who I used to date on and off in High-School. He was a real sweetheart back when we shared an incredible bond over Harry Potter and alternative religions. Unfortunately after 10 years of friendship.. he decided to end our friendship via Facebook message... :(

Qui-qui: Another current close guy friend and my longest relationship (2 years).  I dated him after high school while we were involved with Demolay and Job's Daughters. He has gone on to be one of my best friends who is also the biggest computer nerd I know. I had the pleasure of attending his wedding  and he is now a proud daddy of a bouncy baby girl who probably knows more math than I do.

Rubik's Cube:  One of my closest guy friends. Our friendship journey is aptly described as, "It Was Complicated"...emphasis being on was. We dated for a while at my community college. He is directly responsible for my friendships with Switzerland and Sherpa. It's kind of a running joke that I make good friends with girls he either used to date or like.

Tough: He is a greaser dude I met at Blondie's 21st birthday party during the Original Mo's March Madness.  He's part of the 18th Street crew (not the gang) next to my Dad's house that I regularly hang out with when I am in L.A. 

Grease Monkey: A greaser guy I met at Saddle Ranch and dated for 4 months after meeting him during the Original Mo's March Madness. Out of the original trio - he was the one I liked the most. His big thing was cars and  he subsequently became one of my really dear friends who always offers big hugs when I need it.

Guido: A guy I used to hang out with during the original Mo's March Madness. He is a member of the PUA lifestyle and introduced me to some some fun times and celebrities in Hollywood. The best part is that I met him online only to find out that he used to live 2 doors down from my childhood home. I lost touch of him YEARS ago...last time I checked he was in Kentucky or something like that.

Mr. Wonderful: One of my more recent and most hilarious guy friends who serves as my comic relief and living version of "Sex and the City".  I fell in like with him briefly when he DJ'd McSexy's "pretend wedding." The violent crush lasted as briefly as my comedic timing.  Needless to say, he is one of the only guys I know who can possibly out talk me.


Mom - Your atypical Cuban / Puerto Rican from the South Bronx with the attitude to match. She reminds most of my friends of Peggy Bundy and wows them with her NYC accent.

Dad- Born and raised in East L.A... his love affair is with Cars...specifically Corvettes. He is famously personified by the Mariachi song "El Rey".

Titi: My mom's Puerto-Rican half-sister (same mother) and my aunt that I  currently live with in Boston. She is most often my rock and mentor. Everyone says I look just like her and have the same nerdy interests.

Frizz - My half-sister through my mom.  We are 10 years apart and I am eternally sorry for ruining her room when I was a kid. I spent the most time living with her. She is the mother of my littlest nephew, Yoshi.

‘Leesh- My half-sister through my dad. We are 15 years apart and I am constantly wondering if I will ever have as much fun in my twenties as she had. She is the mother of my two nephews Jayden and Justin.

Cass - She is ‘Leesh’s little sister and technically my step-sis (my was dad married her mom waaay before she was born ). She’s cool as shit and I call her my sis anyways. All I can say about her is that she has the prettiest smile I've seen in awhile.

Cousin G - My closest cousin from my dad's side that totally loves Tupac. We spent a lot time hanging out together and playing kick the can while growing up.  Plus our share of scary stories.

Boss - My entrepreneurial and occasionally thuggish cousin that owns the family body-shop and one day hopes to be rich. I’m waiting for the day he busts my dad over the head for bugging him every weekend at the garage, lol. 

Grandma Vera -  My 94 year old Mexican grandma who makes me laugh my ass off every time I visit her.


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